Lansdale Painting is a Commercial Painting in Lumberton, TX that specializes in Interior painting as well as exterior painting for both small and large businesses. With professional products and superior service, we are positive that you will love our commercial painting service.

In addition to Interior and Exterior painting, our Commercial Painting in Lumberton, TX also includes drywall installation, repair and finishing. This includes the removal of old and damaged drywall as well as installing new drywall. We can strip and refinish existing surfaces.

We also do electrostatic painting on metal surfaces such as lockers or any metal surface. This process is performed with a special machine that supplies a positive charge to the paint and then we connect a negative wire to the metal. When we spray the paint it is drawn to the surface like a magnet and will wrap around the surface with zero over spray.

  • Commercial Painting & Maintenance
  • Drywall Finishing
  • Wall covering Installation, Removal and Repair
  • Cove Base Installation
  • Ceiling Tile Installation
  • Historical Restoration Projects