Lansdale Painting provides Commercial Painters for Beaumont, Texas, and all of Southeast Texas First, we inspect and test your existing finish to ensure we prepare the surface properly which promotes adhesion and a beautiful smooth finish that will remain for years. Choosing the proper paint is equally important. Technology has advanced over recent years as far as durable low VOC (volatile organic compounds) finishes. In most cases, odorous oil base paints are a thing of the past. Next, we tape, float, texture & install metal corner beads for drywall. We finish your installed drywall. The finished appearance of a drywall wall or ceiling is largely dependent upon the quality and care exercised in the drywall finish process. Wall and ceiling areas near large windows, areas flooded with artificial or natural lighting, and long hallways require special consideration in the drywall finish to ensure minor surface imperfections don’t jump out as major flaws. We install all types of commercial wall-coverings. Vinyl wall-covering is very low maintenance and durable in high-track areas, such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and restaurants. We also repair loose seams or damaged areas on existing wall-covering. We install rubber or vinyl cove base. Finally, a cove base is installed where the wall meets the floor which protects the wall from impact damage from buffing, waxing, etc. Call Lansdale Painting for the best Commercial Painters for Beaumont, Nederland, Orange, Lumberton, and all of Southeast Texas at (409)728-8192.